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Los Angeles Clippers

Why this upcoming season is vital for the Los Angeles Clippers franchise

While this season may not be one where the Los Angeles Clippers make the playoffs, it will be incredibly important for the future of the franchise.

The Los Angeles Clippers are not the “Lob City” team we once knew and grew accustom to. The prolonged era of Lob City in Los Angeles ended this 2018 off-season with the valediction of core member DeAndre Jordan. The 2018-2019 season was predicted a rebuild for the franchise, however, the Clippers talented roster has the wild card and may prove observers wrong once again.

The Front Office

This incredibly underrated Clippers team has everyone turning a blind eye. While the tantalizing Western Conference is consuming everyone’s attention, the Clippers have the opportunity to prove the NBA fan-base wrong. Under the leadership of the specialists of Clippers front office in Steve Ballmer, Jerry West, Lawrence Frank and Michael Winger; the Clippers will not disappoint.

The importance of good management and ownership is reiterated throughout the Clippers hopes and dreams of success because it is so vital. The vision of future winning in the franchise is what the Clippers’ front office is aimed at guiding to Los Angeles. Clipper fans should not take for granted the decision making ability of Jerry West. Do not doubt him. Jerry West constructed the powerhouse in Golden State as we all know; he can do the same for the Clippers in a matter of moments.

The Draft

This summer’s NBA Draft was successful for the Clippers. Two players, Shai Gilgeous-Alexander and Jerome Robinson, were brought into the fold. Shai is going to be a star. His play-making and scoring ability leaves him as one of the top prospected players to come out of the draft. The 6”6′ future star has an almost Kevin Durant resemblance. His length and defensive capability allows him to illuminate his defense and for effortless drives to the basket.

On the other hand, Jerome Robinson was a surprise to Clipper fans. Robinson was expected to be picked by another franchise later in the draft, but the Clippers snagged him instead of the highly controversial and possibly injury prone Michael Porter Jr..

At the time, Clipper fans were disappointed in the result.  Over time though, they grew to love the Boston College 6”5′ guard. Robinson’s performance in the NBA summer league has granted the Clippers with another strong scoring option this upcoming season. His athletic austerity creates his ease to get to the basket nothing less then a chore.

Both these young players have a monumental opportunity this season to prove themselves and separate from the pack and claim a spot on the starting roster. The impact of these young players this next season will shift the Clippers franchise entirely positively in the winning direction.

The Future

Apart from management, franchise leadership and success in the NBA draft, the assets on the Clippers are extremely overlooked. The Clippers have depth. Although the current roster has numerous guards, each guard has a significant role. The Clippers have possibly the most unrecognized defensive strongholds in the league. The moves made this off-season prepared the franchise for the future but also sustainability through this season.

When people’s perspectives on the Clippers entail a franchise nothing short of a 2nd round exit, Clippers fans can counter with the future. Next off-season, the team will have two max free agent slots. This is why it is very important for the players to utilize this season to prove everyone wrong and create an environment where free agents are attracted.

This next season will be a key point in the franchise’s future. The Clipper players will earn their spots, attract free agent stars and be strategically formulated by the best management in basketball. This is the best time to be a Clipper fan. The prosperous future gives us hope.


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