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Point Guard Archetypes for Los Angeles Clippers

With NBA 2k19 releasing Friday, we take a look at each position and archetypes for the Los Angeles Clippers to have interest. Next up is point guard.

So, you want to be a point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers? The chances of it really happening are slim to none. That’s what NBA 2k19 is here for. It’s a tough role to fill and the team is guard heavy, so what archetype is going to guarantee you get playing time on 2k when it releases on September 7.

With point guards, there are a ton of options. Obviously, you will want to make your MyCareer player best fit your game, but if you aren’t sure or just want to change it up, here are the two archetypes we believe you should choose if you want to help the Clippers.

Archetype One: Passing and Ball Handling

Call me old fashioned, but I like my point guard to be the quarterback of my team. The Clippers likely won’t be starting a true playmaker if they go with Patrick Beverley and Avery Bradley as their starting backcourt, which will help you slide right into the starting lineup.

Yes, the team does have both Milos Teodosic and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, but you should be able to beat both out. Becoming a pass first point guard will allow you to rack up easy teammate grades with all the assists you’ll be dishing out.

Archetype Two: Driving & Finishing

Selecting this as your secondary archetype will greatly help the first one. The driving skill partnered with ball handling will allow you to penetrate the paint easily and kick out to either Danilo Gallinari or Tobias Harris for open threes.

Both forwards spacing the floor will also allow you to run an effective pick and roll with Marcin Gortat. Last season, Gortat scored on 45.5% of the plays he was the roll man. With you distributing, it will make for a potent offense. The ability to drive and finish or dump the ball off will make for an effective offense.

You may have read through these two archetypes and though, “Wait. Aren’t you basically just making Shai Gilgeous-Alexander?” The answer? Yep, pretty much. There’s a reason that Jerry West was so adamant a player like him be taken.

For 2k purposes, Shai likely won’t develop quickly, especially in the MyCareer mode. Therefore, you can take all his minutes while on the road to 99 OVR.

If you roll with this point guard build, you’ll also have access to up to 230 possible skill points.

Are you going to control the team’s offense? If not, what position will you choose? Let us know on Twitter and keep an eye out for more NBA 2k19 coverage related to your Los Angeles Clippers!


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