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Los Angeles Clippers: Justifying trading Boban Marjanovic

The Los Angeles Clippers need to move two players from their roster after re-signing Tyrone Wallace. Boban Marjanovic might be an ideal candidate.

I am going to get some hate for this one. With the Los Angeles Clippers matching the offer sheet on free agent Tyrone Wallace, the team will need to move two players in order to meet the maximum roster count. Even though I’m not fond of the idea, Boban Marjanovic does make sense as one of the candidates.

Here are the facts:

Starting to understand? Boban is an awesome player and human being, but it’s hard to argue how he fits into the Clippers plans.

If the franchise has a youth movement in mind, giving minutes to Harrell, Delgado and Motley off the bench makes more sense than playing a 30-year-old. The young bucks, especially the two on the two-way contracts, need looks in the season if they are to bump up to full-time NBA players.

Meanwhile, Gortat, who is also an expiring contract, is still a starting caliber center capable of playing more than 20 minutes a game. Marjanovic at best can give you a good eight to ten minutes off the bench.

There are teams that would take Marjanovic in this role and are looking to compete now. You don’t have to look any further than the San Antonio Spurs who currently have Pau Gasol and Jakob Poeltl as their centers with LaMarcus Aldridge capable of playing it in small-ball lineups.

Coach Gregg Popovich was always fond of Boban and with Pau’s injury history, the Spurs could use Boban as an insurance policy should he go down.

Now, you’re likely wondering what we would ask for? The answer? Not a lot. For a backup center on an expiring contract, you can’t really expect a lot back. Taking a 2020 second round pick would honestly do it for me as there would be no salary coming back. Obviously there would be other factors, such as the other team’s salary cap.

Still, getting something for Boban now while thinning out the depth chart would benefit the franchise even if the fans would hate it.

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Are you a fan of this idea? I assume no, so let me know on Twitter and follow along as we get closer and closer to training camp!


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