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Center Archetypes for Los Angeles Clippers

With NBA 2k19 releasing Friday, we will take a look at each position and what archetype to pick for the Los Angeles Clippers to have interest.

NBA 2k19 releases on September 7th (the 11th for those of you who didn’t get the Anniversary edition). With The Prelude already out, we can start looking at what archetypes to make your MyCareer player in order to draw interest from the Los Angeles Clippers.

In case you didn’t know, you will be able to choose your team this year with the caveat that their interest will depend on your position and skill. In order to maximize your chance of playing for the Clips, here’s the type of center you should go with.

Archetype One: Rebounding

By doing this, you help a Clippers team that will likely lack rebounding, especially if they start both Danilo Gallinari and Tobias Harris. Both players are capable, but would be best served transitioning onto offense if possible.

The loss of DeAndre Jordan will be felt here and although Marcin Gortat is a solid stopgap center for this season, I’m sure your MyCareer player can do better. Grabbing boards is an easy way to boost your Teammate Grade, so specializing in grabbing boards will be help roll off A+ after A+.

This will also be your easiest route to scoring as you can become a put back specialist.

Archetype Two: Defending

By choosing this, you will help the Clippers in their pursuit of becoming a defense first team. The aforementioned forwards aren’t great defenders, so having their back at the rim is paramount.

Becoming a good defender will allow you to step out during switches and also guard the rim should anyone get to the second level of the defense. Again, you are sort of mimicking DeAndre Jordan’s talents.

If you look at this article by NewsWeek, you can actually see a breakdown of the attribute caps for each position and each archetype combination. By choosing these two, you’ll have up to 228 possible badges.

Although you won’t really be an offensive player, there will still be the chance to be a scoring threat with a decent dunk ability as well as post game. Think along the lines of prime Dwight Howard.

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What position and archetypes will you choose? Let us know on Twitter and check back here as we go through each position!


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