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The Los Angeles Clippers need to let Tyrone Wallace walk

With news coming out that Tyrone Wallace signed an offer sheet with the Pelicans, the Los Angeles Clippers need to realize it’s time to let him walk.

Free-agent guard Tyrone Wallace signed an offer sheet with the New Orleans Pelicans over the weekend. By signing the offer sheet, Wallace has put the ball in the Los Angeles Clippers court as they have the ability to match the offer.

While he was productive in his 30 games with the team (9.7 points on 44.5% shooting, 3.5 rebounds and 2.4 assists), Wallace should not be brought back by LA.

This isn’t an argument based on merit. Rather, it’s based on his fit with the team and their current pieces. Wallace is a solid young guard at only 24 years old and did prove that he can play in the NBA. Still, the Clippers (who currently have 16 players on the roster) already have a plethora of guards on the roster who are younger, better or a combination of the two.

It’s likely that the team cuts one of their many guards just to meet the maximum roster count. Would it really  make sense to cut two and bring Ty back? Let’s run through the list.

Out of those eight, only Jawun Evans seems worth cutting to keep Ty. But even then, would the Clippers roll into the season with eight guards? Milos might also be a candidate, but he is an expiring contract that could be used as trade bait.

In the end, Wallace may have just missed his window with the team. With the drafting of Gilgeous-Alexander and Robinson, LA seemingly has their guards of the future in place. Had Wallace agreed to terms with the team at the end of the season, the Clippers may have moved a different direction in the draft.

Alas, the sides could not get a deal done and it seems to be for the best. Both rookies have skills that look in line with Wallace and likely have higher ceilings.

Clippers fans love Tyrone Wallace and what he brought to the franchise last season, but it’s time to let him move on.


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