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Small Forward Archetypes for Los Angeles Clippers

With NBA 2k19 releasing Friday, we take a look at each position and archetypes for the Los Angeles Clippers to have interest. Next up is small forward.

This will be the hardest spot to play for the Los Angeles Clippers. Tobias Harris obviously holds the current starting spot and is the highest ranked player on the team’s roster at an 82 OVR. Beating him out for that starting role will be no easy task, but here are the two archetypes we think will help you do it.

Archetype One: Driving & Finishing

If you are replacing Tobias in that starting lineup, you have to replicate his scoring ability. This skill is a great one to make your primary as it gives you well rounded numbers on the offensive end and doesn’t give you much of a hit on the defensive end due to the physical aspect of this archetype. Your ball handling will be efficient and you’ll have the opportunity to be either a posterizer or an acrobatic finisher.

Danillo Gallinari can still space the floor some for you so the lane shouldn’t be too clogged, even with Marcin Gortat roaming near the basket.

Archetype Two: 3 Point Shooting

By having this as your secondary archetype, you won’t be shooting lights out from anywhere, but it will expand your offensive game. Your stats will make you a threat anywhere on the offensive end.

By having a decent three ball, the lane will open up for you. Defenders will have to play tight so they can’t give up the open shot, which should allow you to take advantage and drive past them.

If you take a look at the Small Forward chart here, you can see that going with these two archetypes makes you an excellent offensive player while not weakening your defensive abilities.

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Will you roll with this position and archetype in NBA 2k19? Or, will you be another position for the Los Angeles Clippers? Let us know on Twitter and keep checking back here for more of both 2k and the Clippers coverage!


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