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Shooting Guard Archetypes for Los Angeles Clippers

With NBA 2k19 releasing Friday, we take a look at each position and archetypes for the Los Angeles Clippers to have interest. Next up is shooting guard.

Is the shooting guard position the position of your choice in NBA 2k19? If so, you have come to the right place. We’ll break down the best archetype for shooting guards in order to draw interest from the Los Angeles Clippers in MyCareer mode.

Keep in mind, this post doesn’t necessarily mean you should play as a shooting guard. In a later post, we will go over what position will ultimately earn you both the most playing time and best salary with the Clippers’ franchise.

Instead, consider these two archetypes if you ultimately decide that you want to be a shooting guard.

Archetype One: Shot Creating

The Clippers do have scorers in Danilo Gallinari, Tobias Harris and Lou Williams (off the bench). Still, having a potent wing scorer is never a bad thing. By selecting a shot creator, you can set yourself up since you may not be playing next to a true playmaker.

Once you are able to get the ball in your hands, you can start to work. This build will give you solid ball handling and the ability to easily shoot off the dribble, which brings us to our second archetype.

Archetype Two: Three-point Shooting

Embrace your inner Stephen Curry. (I know Clippers fans, but he’s really stinking good.) By having this as a secondary archetype, you won’t have the same range as Steph, but your ability to hit threes off the dribble will still come in handy.

By combining these two, you actually get a pretty well rounded player. Your defensive attributes are definitely on the lower end, but aren’t the worst. Besides, most of 2k defense is based on user skill anyway.

By selecting these two archetypes, you will be a pretty complete player and able to contribute quickly for the Los Angeles Clippers in NBA 2k19


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