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Patrick Beverley Appears Part of the Big Picture

With his inclusion in The Playbook 2. Patrick Beverley of the Los Angeles Clippers appears to be part of the long term plans for the franchise.

The Los Angeles Clippers hosted The Playbook 2 on Wednesday evening and although there was a lot to glean from it, I noticed something in particular: Patrick Beverley is apparently part of the team’s big picture.

I mean, why else would Pat be invited for two years in a row to an event featuring management talking about future plans? And you know what? I think he’s been made aware of his future with the team too.

Here’s his quote from the event in a press release sent to us by the team:

I mean, I love L.A. This is my second year here. I am fortunate, me and my family love it… I am just fortunate to be at such a great ball club with a great coaching staff, great management, a great owner, great teammates to be able to perform for you guys every single night. We are the best team in L.A. I know Frank didn’t give you guys exactly what you wanted to hear but I’ll tell y’all right now, we are the best team in L.A. for sure.

See that last line? Bev knows that Lawrence Frank held back in his comments about future plans, but there is a slight implication that Bev knows just what those plans are.

Despite not being able to play most of last season, Beverley was a vocal leader for the team. His tenacity impacted other players night in and night out.

The team did replace the point guard of the future in Shai Gilgeous-Alexander this summer, but that doesn’t mean replacing Patrick Beverley is something that has to happen soon. Shai is only 19 years old and will need to grow his game. Having Bev around as a mentor could do wonders for him both as a player and as a leader.

Some may point to the fact that it’s obvious that the team’s plan is to go after Kawhi Leonard. Yes, that is likely the case, but grabbing Kawhi could very easily mean re-signing Beverley after this season and creating one of the best defensive three man lineups in the league (Avery Bradley being the other).

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The Clippers have their plans in motion. I’m sure Beverley is part of them.


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