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Los Angeles Clippers remain obvious in pursuit of Kawhi Leonard

After firing Bruce Bowen ahead of the upcoming season, it’s obvious that the Los Angeles Clippers are still targeting Kawhi Leonard.

It may still be the tail end of 2018 free agency, but that doesn’t mean appealing to players for 2019 isn’t something teams should worry about. The Los Angeles Clippers showed their hand today with the firing of commentator Bruce Bowen.

Bowen made disparaging comments about Kawhi Leonard, which the team obviously was not happy about. Whether this was just a genuine assessment of Leonard or a jealousy related thing between two former Spurs’ forwards. Regardless, the team does not want any negative publicity when it comes to the recruitment of Kawhi.

If you remember, just a few short weeks ago, the Clippers were trying to put together trade packages for the All-Star forward. Ultimately, they did not get him and Leonard instead went to the Toronto Raptors.

The Raptors, who made a huge gamble, are hoping to use this year to convince Kawhi that playing in Toronto will be the right career move. Meanwhile, every other team, especially the two in Los Angeles, are hoping to land a meeting with him and ultimately sign him during 2019 free agency.

With Kawhi being reportedly concerned with his image in the league, it makes sense that the Clippers would fire Bowen. The opportunity at nabbing a star like Leonard doesn’t come around too often and they won’t let the off-handed comments by an on-air personality set them back in their pursuit.

Keep checking back here as we will keep an eye on both the Kawhi Leonard situation and who the new commentator will be for the Clips this season.


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