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Los Angeles Clippers NBA 2k19 Ratings Revealed

With the NBA 2k19 launch party occurring last night, ratings for the Los Angeles Clippers starting five were finally revealed.

NBA 2k19 was finally made playable last night at the game’s launch party. As part of the party, players were given the option to explore the game and check out rosters. With this, we finally got to see the ratings of Los Angeles Clippers players.

Okay, so it was only the five starters. But that’s still something, right? You can see every team’s starting five and their rankings here. The Clippers’ starting five pops up right around seven seconds into the video.

Can’t watch? Not a problem. Check out the starting five:

Now, I know I am biased when writing this, but the guys at 2k should be ashamed of themselves. Players were injured and I get knocking their ratings down some, but you can’t look at this group and say they are a worse lineup then teams like the Chicago Bulls.

For reference, Chicago has Lauri Markkanen at the same rating as Tobias Harris and Zach LaVine at an 80. I’m not saying these guys should be knocked down, but the Clippers should have a couple of bumps.

Want another example? Outside of John Collins being a 79 OVR compared to Harris’ 82, the rest of the Atlanta Hawks starting five has the exact same ratings as the Clippers.

Don’t worry. We’ll go into more detail on a later piece on how 2k underrated several players, but especially Tobias Harris.

Luckily, he took the reveals in good stride and just chalked it all up to not being real.

Look for more Los Angeles Clippers related NBA 2k19 coverage in the coming weeks as we inch closer to the September 11 release date.


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