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Best position for Los Angeles Clippers in MyCareer

So you want to play for the Los Angeles Clippers in MyCareer on NBA 2k19 but don’t know what position to select? We have you covered.

It’s #2KDay and people everywhere are gearing up to start their MyCareer mode in NBA 2k19. While most of us probably already started a character in The Prelude, there is still time to create a new character so that you can join the Los Angeles Clippers.

How do you join the team?

Spoilers, kind of. At some point after getting good enough to join the NBA, you will see a list of teams and their interest in you, available role/playing time and offered salary.

By selecting a player who best fits the role of the team you want, you become more likely to get both a big role and payday.

So, if you are trying to join your Los Angeles Clippers, here is what to do.

Playing for the Los Angeles Clippers

If you haven’t seen the ratings for the Clippers’ starting lineup, then check here. As an NBA and Clippers’ fan, you should be pretty aware of the projected starting lineup and the shortcomings that come with it.

Is it still not clear? You need to make a center if you want the largest payday and playing opportunity.

In real life, Marcin Gortat is decent enough as a starter. But for our 2k purposes, he can be easily overtaken for the starting role. He’s the worst overall in the starting lineup and doesn’t do anything at a particularly great level outside of setting screens.

Ultimately, isn’t what we all want in MyCareer to start and be the star? Picking a center might not be the most thrilling prospect, but it allows for easy opportunities to increase your players grade each game through rebounds and pick and rolls.

What type of center do you need to create? I’m glad you asked. Over the past week, we covered every position and what archetypes to make for each spot.

If you missed it, here’s the list:

Now, we aren’t saying you 110% have to be a center to join the Clippers. 2k is still allowing you to get interest from most teams, but the center position just puts you in the most ideal spot to get playing time and a high salary quickly.

What position are you ultimately going to pick? Will you try and sign with the Los Angeles Clippers? Let us know on Twitter and look for more NBA 2k19 coverage!


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