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Los Angeles Clippers

Best candidates for 2018-19 NBA awards

Photo by Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images

The Los Angeles Clippers don’t necessarily have the most exciting team in the league. There are, however, some players with a lot of talent in the right situation for them. With that being said, is there anyone with a legitimate chance at winning end-of-season awards?

The Los Angeles Clippers are coming off of a 42-40 season that saw the likes of Lou Williams have a breakout season and Tobias Harris prove to be an effective player to replace Blake Griffin. Despite the loss of defensive and rebounding specialist DeAndre Jordan, the Clippers were able to make some beneficial moves this offseason.

The front office was able to send Austin Rivers to Washington and receive veteran center Marcin Gortat to replace Jordan as well as some freed cap space. They also drafted two young guards in the lottery that look to make some instant impact on the current roster and be beneficial for the franchise in the future.

As it currently stands, the team has a solid mix of established and young talent and looks to be a consistent playoff threat within the next few years if everything goes according to plan. While it’s really only likely that one or two Clippers have a true shot at winning their respective awards, all of these players do have some validity to their arguments.


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